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Welcome to MRI Centers, located in the beautiful Skypark Medical Center in Torrance, California. MRI Centers was established in 1984 and was the first to service the entire South Bay community with quality diagnostic MRI imaging services. MRI Centers delivers the latest in Ultra-High-Field Imaging with our state-of-the-art Philips Achieva 3.0 Tesla MRI Scanner.

MRI Centers is pleased to offer an unbelievably low CASH RATE of $350 for the fastest and latest Ultra High Field MRI (3.0 Tesla). Why pay inflated hospital prices? Pay less at MRI Centers, even with insurance. The perfect solution for high deductibles! With our 3.0 Tesla Scanner, our patients gain access to a faster and more detailed imaging process, improving both diagnostic accuracy and patient comfort. MRI Centers' experienced staff remains committed to providing cutting-edge technology and high-quality health care in a pleasant, patient-friendly environment.

For Appointment requests, please call the number listed at the top of the page. For General Inquiries: 310-371-0000.


MRI Centers' technological superiority extends beyond the scanner, to a state-of-the-art, Internet-based reporting and image delivery system, promptly generating reports with selected images in-house, which are instantly posted to a secure website for physician viewing. MRI Centers offers the world’s most compact Ultra-High-Field MR Systems. The strength of the Philips Intera Achieva 3.0 Tesla MRI System produces some of the highest resolution images. This allows our team to identify potential problems and provide physicians with more information for a more accurate diagnosis. With the Philips Intera Achieva 3T MRI, you can diagnose many different anatomical and structural problems in the human body.


Our online PowerReader software by Radius transmits and files reports on the referring physician’s desktop computer as soon as the report is completed. This facilitates physician/patient and physician/physician consultation. The software gives physicians the option of reviewing their patients’ MRI images from any location via any device with an internet connection. A CD-ROM copy of the imaging data is also available for patients and physicians.

MRI Centers, Inc. is accredited by the American College of Radiology and is the best place to get an MRI in Los Angeles. We look forward to meeting you.

MRI Centers, Inc.


Meet Our Team
  • Joseph is an ARMRIT Certified MRI Technologist and has been the Lead Technologist at MRI Centers for the last 14 years. He also trains new MRI Tech students and interns. Joseph is a very experienced and highly-skilled Technologist and his number one priority is to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during their MRI exams. When he isn’t working, Joseph enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

  • John is a CNI College Graduate, who earned his ARMRIT license in 2013. His previous 15 years’ experience as a Private Fitness Trainer has made his career as an MRI Technologist a very natural career progression. Helping patients feel as comfortable as possible and providing them with an excellent MRI experience is always John’s priority. When he isn’t working, John enjoys spending time with his family, three dogs, and working out.

  • Eulalia (Yolly) Dia is an ARMRIT Certified MRI Technologist and has been working with MRI Centers for over 9 years. She is a highly skilled, patient, compassionate individual and always ensures that her patients have a positive experience during their imaging procedure. When she’s not working, Yolly enjoys biking, walking by the beach, and spending time with her family.

  • Christa has been the Office Manager at MRI Centers for the past 17 years and has worked in the healthcare industry for over 21 years. Patients and staff enjoy her positive and compassionate personality. Quality patient care is her top priority.

  • Christa Shearer-Baca, Geovanny Rios, and Mary Kusch

  • Rosemary Eisman and Daniel Rodriguez

Our Physicians
  • Dr. Gold has been a Partner and Radiologist at MRI Centers in the South Bay for over 30 years. He is extremely experienced and his expertise is in Orthopaedic Radiology. Dr. Gold is a Board Certified Radiologist.

  • Dr. Sostrin has been a Partner and Radiologist at MRI Centers in the South Bay for over 30 years. He has an extensive background and specializes in Neuro-Radiology. Dr. Sostrin is a Board Certified Radiologist.

Our Facility


MRI Centers participates in virtually all PPO insurance plans, Medicare, Medi-Medi, and Workers Comp. Our billing and insurance personnel are available to assist you with any questions you may have.

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Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    "The people here are very nice, professional and the facility is top notch. Their MRI machine is state-of-the-art with higher resolution. Highly recommend."

    Todd S.
  • Yelp

    "The techs helped me a lot with my claustrophobia. Thanks MRI centers!!"

    Cherie T.
  • Yelp

    "The staff was kind and professional. The tech was so patient with my 74 year old father. He made him as comfortable as he could and kept him informed the entire scan."

    Christa B.
  • Yelp

    "Very professional staff. The best pricing around. And the best scanner. You can't go wrong. I would highly recommend MRI Centers to my friends and family."

    Adam S.
  • Yelp

    "The staff made the experience painless. If you want to go somewhere where you feel like you are being taken care of like a family member, visit this facility."

    Cathy C.
  • Yelp

    "Overall I had a great experience with this place and would not want to go anywhere else for another MRI, it just does not get better than this!"

    Beth L.
  • Yelp

    "Great MRI Center! Everyone was friendly, nice and professional with a high power MRI machine and a great staff."

    Kristi C.
  • Yelp

    "MRI Center's service was awesome. Staff was nice and great service. The place was clean and fast. I wish every doctor and health care provider could be this good!"

    Alex L.
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